The Author

Ms.Milena Kirilova Milusheva is born on 28.09.1966 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1991 she has graduated The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. She has been working in the sphere of private business for 12 years.

During 1998 an unexplainable feeling arised in her to start painting.For a short period of time she was overwhelmed by creative desire to paint with color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, tempera and oil paints in order to express her emotional excitements from her inner world.

During July 2002 she had the opportunity to open her first exhibition in the city of Varna, named "Provocation The Spiral Of The Time". The press showed great interest in her spontaneous desire to paint in a good artistic and technical level.

Milena Milusheva exhibit paintings from the series "Seasons", "Spring", "Autumn", "Winter", a sequence of glass-cases and fractal paintings.

In contrast of realistic painting in which the artistic message is obvious, Milusheva abstractly and almost transcedentally expresses in a way, understandable for everyone with necessity for spiritual rising.

The visitor is provoked and shocked by the variety of colors and forms shedding from her paintings, which are not bordered by her imagination. Milena Milusheva's exhibition in the city of Varna "Provocation The Spiral Of The Time" is created in a way which logically follows the sequence of participations in team exhibitions in the city of Kiustendil, the gallery "Vladimir Dimitrov The Master": March 2003., December 2003 and March 2004.

The German RTL TV was impressed by her paintings and from their positive influence, that is why they shot them for their show in Bulgaria during August 2003.

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