“Spiral of time” in gallery “Areta”
Nina Ivanova

Milena Milusheva was invited to a one-man show by the gallery “Areta”, located in Varna and famous with its special attitude towards artist, digging in the secrets of space. 18 “Pushkin” street is the address where, yesterday, the painter opened her exhibition under the name “Spiral of time”. It consists of a lot of works painted with pencil, pastel and distemper as well as some works on glass.

Milena Milusheva is an engineer, bored during 1966 in Sofia, where she works for the Journalist group “Bulgaria” as bookbinder. She has graduated the University of chemical Technology and Metallurgy. Four years ago, she starts to paint and she experiment with different techniques and materials. In the beginning she uses a pencil and after that she starts to use pastel and distemper as well.

From one and a half years she paints with oil-paints on a glass. Valentina Antonova, the owner of gallery "Àðåòà", says “Milena Milusheva paints the Universe like on and on passing through countless variations of the intensity, which only the heart can understand and recreate in abstract forms for the mind”. Up to now, the artist has about 200 paintings.

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