Chemist paints spiral of time
Donka Hristova

Milena Milusheva opened an exhibition in the gallery “Areta”, her first independent exhibition. Milena, with a diploma acquired in the University of chemical Technology and Metallurgy, received an invitation from the owner of the gallery “Areta” Valentina Antonova. In the height of the summer she brought 48 of her paintings in Varna – drawings with pencil, distemper, painting on a glass, united under the name “spiral of time”.

Real provocation is the exhibition according to the painter- towards herself and the people who will see her paintings.

She works for the Journalistic group “Bulgaria” mostly during nighttime, but she finds time to paint as well. She paints actively from 4 years and now she has more then 200 paintings. Most of them show nooks of the nature. Nature charge her with emotions recreated in her own way. The paintings are filled with love and love is the thing that moves things. She paints eyes as well, because eyes watch not only in human soul but even farer – in the Space, in God.

The paintings are light and bright. They are filled with optimism. Even though her life was not easy, like the lives of all the people in Bulgaria, she believes that if today she feels badly tomorrow she will feel better.

No matter how strange is sounds, she believes that painting and chemistry has something in common. It is incredibly beautiful painting when atoms, molecules come into contact. She has painted the Archimedes’s spiral, for sure. Time, space, energy, matter are concepts, which always move science people. Tell me a greater challenge from them and for the people dedicated to science.

Now Milena Milusheva dreams to paint the see – see with rocks , with the Sun, with clouds. She brought canvas and paint in Varna. And now she anticipate the inspiration.

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