Milena lives two lives, one of them is colorful
Iskra Sotirova

As if Milena Milusheva lives two lives. The young woman works until late in the printing-office of the Journalistic group “Bulgaria”. During daytime, she takes the pastel and pencil and draws. She is interested in the light, spiritual energy, purity in human relations. They appear in her paintings as colorful bursts in live colors.

Milena shows for the first time in front of her audience about 40 paintings in the gallery “Areta”. They are a wonderful part of the interior. Anyone, who visits the center, located on 18 “Pushkin” Str., may see it for himself. Usually, the guests here are people, who are interested in spiritual elaboration, relax and meditation.
Sunbeam waterfall streams colors in one of the paintings. “Spring”, “Palm Sunday”, “Eastern” literally change the room in which they are laid. “I have more then 200 works, painted in the last 4 years. Some of them show beginning, growth and end. They are penetrating in the light”, says Milena Milusheva. She is chemist engineer. She wants to explain the development of the process that is way she busied herself with technologies. Her talent as a creator was noticed by her teachers. Her teacher of literature thought that Milena will become a writer. Her teacher of drawing was convinced that she will become an artist.
“It not important to be undeviating”, with this word Milena Milusheva explained her road of life. Beside the fact that she paints actively, she does not stop to write poems and science fiction. Her ambition is to share her thoughts and emotions with others.
“I am happy that I have that chance to work for the Journalistic group “Bulgaria”. In this way I can paint during daytime” says Milena. She examines in her paintings that daylight and it is extreamly important for her to paint exactly during the day. Recently, she is embark a new technique as well – painting on a glass. She says that painting on a glass is as if to paint on water.

Her first exhibition in the gallery “Areta” is called “Provocation - spiral of time”. Milena is convinced that spiral is the key sign for us. Besides the fact that the whole galaxy is spiral, the civilization has a similar way as well. ”Man always turn back to something former, but he looks at it from another side.” says Milena.

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